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I was messig around trying to adjust suzu's hairstyle so I can stop bullying him. and fiol wanted to see what he'd look like without curtain hair (I was so unnerved by it at first but looking at it now I think I may use it at some point HAHAH)

I may as well post some suzu-y songs and annotate them

Suzu plays piano so I'm liable to associate every piano song I hear with him, but erik satie in particular is special. I could probably score the whole story with just his music. it's annoying trying to link classical songs because depending on who plays them the effect can be really different

I wanted to have a more evocative drawing to go with these but well, I can't just think and have a drawing appear so that's not gonna happen this time around lol

first is Erik Satie's Gnossienne no. 1

this is suzu's overarching theme music lol. the way the song goes back and forth between meandering&quiet, to strident and louder is what's important here. Suzu can tend to be hot&cold, and change attitude with small provocations. He shifts between outward anger and wrath towards people he views as not on his side, to inwardly turned anger and melancholy at himself for being that way. He has trouble bridging the gap between his inner self and the way he acts towards others. The pace and fluctuation of the song match these fluctuations in himself and reflect how he reacts to himself as well... it's something I can really imagine him playing after having an explosive argument with his mother or something, cycling through his feelings being angry at her and being pitiable or disappointed in himself.
And something about the key (idk anything about music a ha ha), it sounds unsettled right off the bat. This whole song gives me words that describe how suzu approaches people in general, apprehensive, masked, volatile, guarded....

contrast this song with gymnopedies no. 1

which is what suzu learns to play and shows daichi upon first inviting him to his house. it's much more even and comfortable sounding (until 3:04) and expresses how he feels with daichi. This isn't an impressive sort of song that suzu might normally want to play, like something technically difficult which he would play to impress people (distancing himself from them by differentiating himself with his talent) it's an accessible and emotive song he can connect with someone by playing. it's the feeling of comfort he has when he asks daichi to sit next to him to see the song he practiced wtih him in mind, not trying to impress him just make him happy.

go me for picking like the 2 most well known satie songs too

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