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I've been rusty on making ocs for a long time so I had to consciously work all this out lol here's my notes so far on the main characters here



  • a medium whose job is to banish ghosts; she has been a prodigy at this since childhood & has dedicated her life to it. doing it her whole life alters her body over time as well (her hair) she uses this work replace a need for social life/relationships. mia expresses interest in learning about ghosty things too & teacher makes rose let her tag along, but rose doesn't trust anyone but herself to do it right in a perfectionist prodigy kind of way

  • very reticent to trust anyone or accept help, doesn't want to value ppl on a close individual level instead feels like she values ppl en masse by protecting them all at once by doign her job

  • afraid of rejection really, & of herself feeling feelings, not wanting it to be confirmed that shes a creepy unlikable freak

  • takes simple feelings & complexes them. doesn't know how to express her fondness of mia, instead using her position as crysanthemum's vessel as leverage to spend time with her. as her feelings of wanting to be with mia and wanting to run away clash she ends up being weird & toying with mia, drawing her in then pushing her away etc; doesn't know how to be genuine

  • she has such a crush on mia tho but doesn't even recognize it for a long time


  • doesn't trust rose, or most ppl in general, relies on herself exclusively (but not in a loner way like rose)

  • often ends up driving people away with her frankness; she doesn't hide her opinion or when she doesn't like someone, she is Intimidatingly Real despite being really short & petite she has a reputation of being abrasive & hard to work with

  • she's not incapable of liking or working with others, it's just cause her standards tend to be unusual.... she has like, high expectations of people and a really low threshold for deciding someone isn't worth it to try to be around. the subtleties of navigating social situations aren't that important to her and she just kind of bulldozes through every interaction in favor of getting to the heart of issues.

  • probably legit thinks she's better than everyone lol

  • she initially sees being with chrysanthemum as confirmng that she's special & unique. she gets herself stuck w/ chrys bc she feeds off that feeling. for all her purported realness she's just as vulnerable to warped thinking as everyone else ("ghosts totally have feelings so I'm gonna date a ghost LOL this totally wont turn out awful") truly her biggest mistake is thinking that it's even possible for someone's actions and reasoning to be flawless & uninfluenced

  • develops an interest in ghost hunting & goes with rose sometimes ("hey rose since im here can I do something" "no u are supurfluous" "*does something anyway*")

  • she plays sports, does sculpture, & other really varied disciplines, hasn't found her true talent or place among her peers. she just does lots of stuff. she's not very well practiced at teamwork BUT she loves the feeling of being needed (by her teammates). she's not really bad at sports but she doesn't pay much attention to the rules at times, for instance considering kicking the soccer ball straight up a zillion miles into the sky to be a great personal achievement and sign of her strength (and when her teammates try to say that doesn't help them, thats against the rules etc she chides them for not being able to have more fun & chill)

  • I will have fun even if I have to do it ALL BY MYSELF

  • generally pretty positive attitude, letting bad stuff wash off her back like water off a duck etc etc


  • as you can see, this is just Rose but posessed by a ghost lol. Rose is a natural conduit for ghosts, which normally can't make themselves corporeal or visible, so chrysanthemum has an easy time posessing her after catching her off guard just once

  • she's haunted the dorm building mia moves into for centuries

  • she is very strong & talented at taking advantage of ppl's weaknesses

  • she plays everyone!! that's what ghosts do though; ghosts really aren't fully realized people w/ rounded personalities. they are an afterimage of that person's strongest feelings in death, embodying only those concepts, not changing or growing with time, going to any length to fulfill their static, unfulfillable desires. (see why it's dangerous to fool yourself into thinking you're in a real romance with a ghost)

  • her desire is to own and be owned; warped love

  • she's passionate, dedicated, affectionate, lustful, posessive, obsessed

  • she's actually glad to be a ghost lol she's self aware about it.

  • strangle me mia :3

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