Jun. 27th, 2015

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I added the remaining undrawn ones and removed OVER HALF characters from the list yesterday (the number went from 111 to 43 lmao) I'm not really abandoning the other ones just.... shelving them... so I don't have to feel guilty about not caring to draw them

The remaining are the ones I still have interest in drawing. these drawings are still old for the most part and lots of them need minor updating for their designs. it feels good to do this actually, it feels like shedding some commitment to my past self that I didn't realize had been bothering me. I can draw whatever I want and do whatever I want with my characters (so thats a good thing about Giving Up On Art is that now I can start to feel ok to do whatever I want to my ocs as I rightfully should, I can draw AUs and change their features and do whatEVER I want if I just accept that I'll likely never do anything final with these guys and stop holding out like I am someday. I will be ok to post abot stories for this reason too. I cared so much about ~spoiling~ my hypothetical future readers for stories I have such a low likelihood of ever actually making lol)

all OCs currently supported shown under the cuts in no particular order divided into 2 categories:

OCs with stories:
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aesthetic/design OCs:
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