Jul. 10th, 2015

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In the story, magical girls are a central world infrastructure. there’s like… weird alien monsters attacking earth regularly, as they do. A group of small aliens (I need to name them still) have come to earth and organized a way to resist the bad aliens, by giving power to girls to transform and use magic items to fight them yay. but it’s like integrated into pop culture too, as if the girls are talent and the little alien things are their managers?

in any case, I think the main characters’ team Ginkgo is actually unusual in that they aren’t keeping their identities secret. So they’re like local heroes. The story happens when something weird happens (??) and somehow a ton of the other teams get brainwashed into fighting alongside the big bad aliens.

a description of the naming conventions/physics of the world, er, as if it were a video game lol. under the cut and feel free to skip (I think this stuff is mostly interesting to me idk)

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I will finally talk about the characters themselves next time and hopefully I’ll even have their real names decided on by then lol

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