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The story takes place in a wealthy neighborhood on a lake where it's foggy all the time. in the winter it's cold & rainy and in the summer it's muggy and hazy. The neighborhood is a gated community with repetitive, all white but variable style houses, lots of iron gates, etc. The natural plant life is conifers and redwoods but lots of people have inappropriately landscaped yards with palm trees and junk like that

Basics on Nao & Hisoka under the cuts

Naozumi , Nao for short (or... naobao even)

  • He's in the advanced class at the private school in the area, and is one year ahead making him a year younger than his peers

  • he studies! a lot! he's very very good at school. he doesn't have any hobbies besides studying things. it's not challenging for him and the mindset comes naturally. However smart he is at booklearning though he is naive in almost every other way. gullible too

  • his parents have him doing all the stuff. Great schools, extra curriculars, tutoring during off season. Like I said though it comes naturally to him and is enjoyable to learn things for him.

  • he feels a strong sense that his life should have bigger meaning than just material success and grows more and more to feel stifled in his current life. it's confusing to him to feel this way, having grown up so comfortably

  • he's constantly asking "wait is this weird??" when he's with Hisoka cause he literally doesn't know, all he knows is what he's used to. But it means he's refreshingly open to new ideas, even Hisoka's weirdness might as well be totally normal to him. He just don't know.

  • more later


  • Hisoka is really out of place in this environment; he actually was raised by his grandmother, as his mother didn't want to raise him. her and grandma became estranged and grandma took care of hisoka. He spent the last few years of her life living in a retirement home with her actually. When she died he went to live with his mother and her longterm boyfriend in aforementioned neighborhood, becoming a shut in for a year and then finally using the money grandma left him to enroll in the good private school like she'd wanted for him. So he's a year older than his peers bc he missed a year.

  • he freaking loves tigers ever since childhood. and has no shame about it whatsoever. he collects tiger pattern things, stuffed animals, every first date with him is the zoo where he freaks out about the tigers all day

  • he loves being around people. he's an entertainer type who loves making people laugh/smile and tends towards physical humor

  • basically he's stupid, as well. terrrrrible at book learning, poor common sense. he has poor impulse control. he laughs in reaction to pretty much every emotion, especially fear. He can't control laughing OR crying actually; he'll tear up at anything. REALLY has trouble getting his feelings across, he always defaults to doing something erratic or silly even when he tries his best to seriously express some serious sentiment. all this leads him to feel like his mind is a seive, or a fog distorting every thing he tries to express into some other form he can't control.

  • he acts and talks a little unusual, having grown up with his grandma and her friends. He's intuitively socially conscious though. He also pays a lot of attention to how he looks, clothes and such; if he looks stupid it is because actually wants to look stupid.

  • He gets along a lot better with girls than with dudes in general. actually he is constantly very popular with girls due to his looks and sensitive friendliness, but most of them are weirded out by the time they get to the first date and see him freaking out at the zoo. he keeps getting dates tho and he doesn't really mind

They both meet at school and Hisoka begs Nao to help him with his homework because he's really struggling. They become best friends and end up really on the same wavelength, even though their backgrounds are so different. Nao is surprisingly receptive to Hisoka's bizarre personality and it's not long before they can both clown around together. At some point they kinda just accept that they're gonna be 2gether 4ever

anyway somehow expressing these two used to came REALLY EASY TO ME in 2013 and I used to be able to draw lil comics of them, so here they are, bear witness to some of the only good characterization per single drawing that I've managed in my life so far (especially that first one, I drew like the day after I designed them and somehow perfectly set their characters/interaction immediately)

Oh lol I should explain the tiger kigurumi thing is Hisoka's from when he was younger but it doesn't fit him anymore bc he is TAWL now but it fits Nao and that naturally means that he should wear it apparently
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