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clockwise from the top: Ginkgo Lily, Ginkgo Butterfly, Ginkgo Aqua, Ginkgo Saturn

When I listed them all I put these characters under story OCs, but in reality they're somewhat between story ocs and aesthetic ocs. I mostly made them to experiment with tweaking my art style a little bit (only mildly successful imo) and to have some "shallow" ocs that are just fun, to get me through when I was feelin disgusted with my more serious ocs. so... magical girls were the rage... and I love an opportunity to design clothes so I made me some magical girls. Who would pass up an opportunity to draw some school uniforms. not me.

I drew them a ton for a while and churned out many an ugly outfit design

ugh no I'm not even going to post my working attempts
this is what I ended up with for their uniforms

unfortunate. anyway I don't have their real names yet, but their code names are (left to right) Ginkgo Saturn, Ginkgo Lily, Ginkgo Aqua, and Ginkgo Butterfly. My deal was I wanted the clothes to not be revealing. I really don't have much experience with dresses AND FRANKLY I'm still not great at drawing clothes especially big fluffy clothes so I generally go less/simpler clothes the better Hahfsgdlgnh I liked it ok but when I colored them I was like... hmm. no. redesign pending.
I had trouble deciding if I should give them each their own color theme or have the uniforms be identical/standard for the whole team. this question is hard based on... well for instance, each girl has her own individual element, but her team as a whole also has an element, so should I base the colors on the team's element (resulting in the uniforms looking the same) or on the girl's individual element (which locks them into only 1 of 4 colors bc there are only 4 elements, and making teams look weird cause there might be 3 fire and 1 earth or any number of repeats) or design each girl regardless of either of these elements and just do what I think looks good (except making it 10x more difficult when I need to design a bunch of other girls and there's no standard)

Because you can already tell a girl's abilities & powers from her name based on the naming convention/system, I felt it would make sense if the color schemes were predictable in the same way. So I decided to make the outfits standard for the team, all identical, except adding like a second stage transformation where each girl gets her own design in a stronger form. so I get to use these designs that are 100% better than the ones above as well:

and yeah I like those ones a lot better! they're more satisfying, but not very team looking. I'm still working on the concept. I feel like I have wiggle room for stuff to be a little weird cause in the story magicalgirlism is like, an established world infrastructure with rules dictated by outside entities so the weird stuff can be lampshaded.
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