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In the story, magical girls are a central world infrastructure. there’s like… weird alien monsters attacking earth regularly, as they do. A group of small aliens (I need to name them still) have come to earth and organized a way to resist the bad aliens, by giving power to girls to transform and use magic items to fight them yay. but it’s like integrated into pop culture too, as if the girls are talent and the little alien things are their managers?

in any case, I think the main characters’ team Ginkgo is actually unusual in that they aren’t keeping their identities secret. So they’re like local heroes. The story happens when something weird happens (??) and somehow a ton of the other teams get brainwashed into fighting alongside the big bad aliens.

a description of the naming conventions/physics of the world, er, as if it were a video game lol. under the cut and feel free to skip (I think this stuff is mostly interesting to me idk)

So there are 4 elements: earth, fire, water, and ether. the world is divided into areas/zones denoted with a particular element, and then each individual on that region's team has their particular element. they can be the same or different. The element of her home region determines her defensive properties, and her own element determines her offensive properties. the names are created this way, with the first name based on the element of their collective team/region, and the second is standard denoting the girl's weapon, abilities, and element. For instance, a girl named Honey Rose. Honey in this case is fire element, Rose is standard notation for an earth-element Book weapon. So Honey Rose is from a fire-element region, and fights using an earth-elemental book. The second,specific name is standard and formulaic but the team name has no standard, it just tends to relate to the team's element somehow

elemental weaknesses are predictable, water weak to earth, earth weak to fire, fire weak to water etc. Ether is neutral (it's the rarest element). So H Rose with her earth book, has earth-powered attack and does extra damage to water monsters (or girls from water regions, if the girls were to fight eachother) but because her team is fire, she would be vulnerable to water attacks. Team=defense, individual=offense.

while in a zone that matches her team element she gains attack power and takes less damage from the "resisted" element; So if for instance dubai is a fire zone, and H Rose is in Dubai, she will take less damage from earth attacks. If she's in a water zone though, not only are all her attacks weaker, but she takes additional damage from water attacks.

here’s the naming conventions and other stats info:

some other sample possible team names just for fun:
earth: Clover, Willow, Windy, Vine, Flutter, Chime, Bloom
fire: Candy, Spark, Sugar, Fluffy, Charmy, Blazing, Cream
water: Bubble, Misty, Shower, Spiral, Snow, Dew, Stormy
ether: Star, Sun, Black, Milky, Celestial, Astral, Crescent, Comet

again, if they sound stupid to you then it’s likely they sound kind of stupid in universe too lol. like, it’s totally possible for an ether team to have a member named Moon Moon. for instance. just one example. of many possible examples. I’m sure.

If it were a game then you’d be fighting monsters as well as other teams who you can recruit if you beat them allowing you to form teams yourself and use different combinations of elements and types of units to win stages in various ways.

I will finally talk about the characters themselves next time and hopefully I’ll even have their real names decided on by then lol

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