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as Yui gets older he has periods where he seems halfway in a trance. his movements/reactions are sluggish and reverent. his empathetic sense is getting stronger & unfolding from in him, his perception stretches outward, like think of an out of body experience but more like larger than body experience. it's subtle at first but near the end it approaches full blown dreaming awake. he sits silent&still not percieving time & his senses are in overdrive and cacophany like dense, colorful, rhythmic music. he doesn't really see or hear he jsut senses so much all at once. it doesn't distress him, it comes naturally. sean isn't sure how to feel about this; yui becoming dislodged from physicality feels like an abandonment but he CAN follow yui into this trance sometimes, so he at least knows they're still connected

I need to remember to use/check the notes app on my phone more. I ought to write more about yui, I was really big on his story for a while but I hadn't drawn him in a looong time. it's a more... expressiony story than my others... as you can tell by this post probably
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The story takes place in a wealthy neighborhood on a lake where it's foggy all the time. in the winter it's cold & rainy and in the summer it's muggy and hazy. The neighborhood is a gated community with repetitive, all white but variable style houses, lots of iron gates, etc. The natural plant life is conifers and redwoods but lots of people have inappropriately landscaped yards with palm trees and junk like that

Basics on Nao & Hisoka under the cuts

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They both meet at school and Hisoka begs Nao to help him with his homework because he's really struggling. They become best friends and end up really on the same wavelength, even though their backgrounds are so different. Nao is surprisingly receptive to Hisoka's bizarre personality and it's not long before they can both clown around together. At some point they kinda just accept that they're gonna be 2gether 4ever

anyway somehow expressing these two used to came REALLY EASY TO ME in 2013 and I used to be able to draw lil comics of them, so here they are, bear witness to some of the only good characterization per single drawing that I've managed in my life so far (especially that first one, I drew like the day after I designed them and somehow perfectly set their characters/interaction immediately)

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I was messig around trying to adjust suzu's hairstyle so I can stop bullying him. and fiol wanted to see what he'd look like without curtain hair (I was so unnerved by it at first but looking at it now I think I may use it at some point HAHAH)

I may as well post some suzu-y songs and annotate them

Suzu plays piano so I'm liable to associate every piano song I hear with him, but erik satie in particular is special. I could probably score the whole story with just his music. it's annoying trying to link classical songs because depending on who plays them the effect can be really different

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